Breast implant illness

Is there such a thing as a breast implant illness? Well, there is, of course, coming replete with symptoms. The list of symptoms associated with breast implants in long and will mainly involve any of the following: Want more information? You can follow the link to continue.

Chronic fatigue

Patients with an illness in the breast implants will tend to suffer from prolonged low energy. This is an illness which could show up earlier after the breast implants. This is not a symptom to be treated lightly and in fact, one should consider the breast removal if the fatigue remains consistent over a given duration of time.

Inability to concentrate

A brain fog, which we could also refer to other terms as brain fatigue or memory loss could arise after having the breast implants. It is a cognitive problem that should be given the attention it deserves in order to pre-empt a danger that could come thereafter.

Problem with muscles

The joints and muscles could be in serious pain and even a weakness could arise in the joints. When you start noticing these symptoms, take the right step and seek a medical solution to the problem, one of which would be a possible removal of the implants.

Hair loss

If the breast implants are not working, you will easily tell from the speedy loss of the hair on your body. The skin will also become dry. The hair is deprived of the usual sheen, hence dries together with the skin.


Cases of premature aging are rife with breast implants and are therefore tell-tale signs that all is no well with the breast implants.

Weight issues

If you notice a fluctuation in your weight after getting breast implants, do not treat this as a normal problem but one that needs serious attention. Your surgeon may actually suggest that the implants be replaced or removed altogether, depending on the severity of the weight problem.

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Although it is normal to be slightly inflamed after the breast implant surgery, there should be cause for concern if the inflammation becomes severe. The breast area will change color and you will probably feel pain. It is an indication that the body is quickly rejecting the implant, hence should be removed.


One of the symptoms of the breast implant illness is that you will be unable to sleep afterward. Even if you are able to sleep, the quality of your sleep will become poor over time.

Eye problems

If you notice problems with your eyes after the breast implant surgery, there must be a problem with the implants. The eyes become dry and the vision declines. Other vision disturbances could arise thereafter.

Low libido usually may occur and especially because surgery has an effect on the hormonal balance. If you are a man and you notice that your wife is less interested in sex after the surgery, the problem could be traced to the implants.

The immunity could be compromised to a large extent, leading to slowed healing when you suffer from cuts. Bruising and scraping could also take an eternity to heal.