Liposuction without surgery

How does non-surgical liposuction work?

laser lipo

Specialists in liposuction have come up with ways to perform liposuction without surgery. This new discovered methods are just as functional as the surgical techniques. The body is re-contoured to the sections unresponsive to exercises and the special diets functional in reducing fat. These techniques of liposuction without surgery are termed as minimally-invasive. Non-surgical liposuction can be done in the upper and lower abdomen to achieve the body shape desired.

Scientists came up with these procedures after conducting a thorough research in the medical field. The surgical methods suck out fat beneath the skin through inserted tubes. On the other hand, these non-surgical methods use complicated technologies to dissolve these fats. The fats are not dissolved in an instance but gradually hence the non-surgical method is performed severally. The techniques involved in liposuction without surgery include: Zerona laser slimming, velashape and lipodissolve.

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Zerona laser slimming

This method involves body exposure to low level laser. The body is exposed to his laser for around 40minutes and is performed in a fortnight after each second day. The laser is directed to the targeted parts for 20minutes then on the other side for another 30 minutes. Zerona sessions are relaxing as the patients lay in comfortable positions. Patients can listen to music during the process to make them feel relaxed.

Studies have been conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of Zerona. The scientists noted the reduction in size of the adipocyte cells. A transitory pore develops in the fat cell membranes, after a Zerona process, to release fats to the extracellular regions.

Vela shape

I this method, the fats metabolism is increased and induces the shrinking of fat cells. This is made possible by the combination of radio-frequency and an infrared light. The combination is synergically preformed along with combined skin suction and a massage using heated rollers.

The method also involves several sessions to achieve the required results. The treatment can be performed combining the required parts or performed on each part.


Though controversial, it is  a highly marketed method of liposuction without surgery. This method has not yet been approved by the FDA

The doctor injects a solution of vitamins, minerals, amino acids which dissolves fatty deposits below the skin of the targeted region. Scientists are still debating whether dissolved fat is excreted as waste or it undergoes the normal fat metabolism.

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Benefits of liposuction without surgery
  1. The cosmetic results after the surgery tend to be smooth; this because of the small of fat that is dissolved
  2. The healing process is quite fast since the process does not involve  swellings
  3. Generally, there are no side effects since the process does not involve anesthetic procedures.
  4. Non-surgical procedures less expensive compared to the surgical methods.

These methods are appropriate for patients who do not want to lose a lot fat quickly but rather reshaping the body gradually. Liposuction without surgery should be performed by physicians who are trained in using these technologies. T is advisable to consult a physician for the appropriate method to be used.